Boys Brigade Newsletter

BBNews Newsletter(PRISM Award 2004 -Excellence Award)

We did a total revamp to the BBNews (the newsletter of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore),and went on to win the Best Newsletter/magazine Design at the PRSIM AWARDS in March 2004. We coordinated all the articles, conducted the interviews, did the total design package and supervised the printing.

Testimonial :

Raymond Kwa is a talented designer and communications professional, one of the best I have worked with in my own career as a PR & marcom consultant and creative director. He is able to translate key messages visually. Unlike many others, he is not just a graphic designer or artist,but someone who knows how to use design intelligently and effectively to enhance the communication, whether through a brochure, flyer, annual report, newsletter, print advertisement or one-page artwork. Raymond played an essential role in the revamping of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore’s newsletter, BB News, of which I am editorial consultant, from 2003. Currently, he continues to design each issue. Needless to say, he contributed to BB News’ winning the award as best magazine/newsletter in the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore’s PRISM Award (Public Relations In the Service of Mankind) in March 2004.

Peter Yeo Toon Joo
Principal Consultant
YTJ Total Communications Pte Ltd
Hon PR Consultant
The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore