Justlogin Branding

Branding Design

Brand identity design for Justlogin Pte Ltd – HR cloud software.

Revamp of corporate identity and logo

The Paper Plane is simple in design, aerodynamic and easy to operate – like our Justlogin programmes! It suggests that the programmes are cloud based. The plane is also the symbol for “send”. The multi-colours reflect the fun and vibrant character of our programmes. The triangular patterns were transformed from the old logo and it represents unity, cohesiveness, concise solutions. The smaller planes represent the multiple usage and spin-off applications that can come out of the programmes. The Red represents fun and dynamism and it is balanced up by the Grey which stands for stability and reliability.


Compassage Design has helped us revamped our branding, including developing a new logo. The design conveys our brand value as a forward looking and dynamic company.

KC Kwa
Justlogin Pte Ltd